With less than a month to go until the Global Refugee Forum, the RRI project team have been busily refining the methodology through a series of regional multi-stakeholder workshops in October and November. Held in Amman, Mexico City, Addis Ababa, the workshops involved detailed consultation on the indicators with a broad range of experts, to ensure we are measuring the right things in the right way and considering all available data sources. The workshops also provided an opportunity to identify the different uses for the tool by national and international organisations, civil society groups, donors, states and others.

The workshops have stimulated much discussion and knowledge-sharing between refugee experts and practitioners at all levels. We are now reviewing the inputs from these sessions and we look forward to sharing our preliminary findings in a spotlight session during the Global Refugee Forum in Geneva on December 16. We are also developing a tool for partners in the field to collect data from refugees that will inform the design of the indicators.

For more information contact Alesia O’Connor, aoconnor@daraint.org