What is the Refugee Response Index (RRI)?

The RRI is an index designed to monitor and assess countries’ response to refugees in a comprehensive manner.

Across its six pillars, shown here in the graphic, the RRI covers all main components of the multi-dimensional refugee response. This is complemented by cross-cutting indicators on Age, Gender, Diversity and a Multi-Stakeholder Approach.

The RRI acknowledges different and complementary contributions of states as a necessary first step towards fair responsibility-sharing, without penalizing those with differing capacities. It includes all countries that are;

  • Hosting refugee populations;
  • Contributing to sustaining the global refugee system; and/or
  • Facilitating durable solutions for refugees.

The RRI constitutes a baseline of country performance in support of the Global Compact on Refugees, adopted in 2018 by way of the New York Declaration.

This website provides an overview of the project’s approach and methodology, which has been developed through extensive consultations with refugee law experts, policy makers and practitioners, partners in the field and refugees themselves.

RRI Pillars and Cross-Cutting Indicators